Israel is a racist state

I am writing this article following the news report that hundreds of migrant workers (whom Israel invited into the country to build their homes and do menial jobs) and their children, who were born in Israel, are being deported from Israel as: “part of a government effort to preserve the Jewish character of the state.”  Which effectively means only Jews can live in Israel. To me this seems bigoted. Jews have been living all around the world and yet Israel is virtually closed off to non-Jews. It is these kind of actions, by the Israeli government that strengthen the view, that Jew’s hold the view, of their own supremacy to everyone else, which ultimately creates antipathy towards them. Generally the attitude and actions of the Israeli government remind me, ironically, of Hitler’s doctrine on the German superiority and Aryan race.

Personally I feel, like many, that the state of Israel should not even exist. I mean what gives people a right to take the homes of others? Now if we’re going to go down the line of reasoning, that the Israeli’s use that: “God promised the land to Jews”. Well to an atheist this would seem completely incomprehensible defence. However, if they’re arguing from a religious stance, I must point out that many Jewish Scholars (such as Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss), dispute that claim of entitlement of the land and have spoken out against the existence of the state of Israel. And many Jews have refused choosing to travel from Paris, America, the UK and other affluent western countries to live in the houses of poor Palestinian’s, while Palestinian people look on from their refugee camps. Furthermore if we’re talking about Israel’s existence being right on a religious basis, does that also mean that the Torah condones Jews to take measures that include mass murder of innocent men, women and children? How can the Israeli Defence Minister, justify such slaughter, in 2009, with the defence that: they are dropping bombs on the mass population of Palestinian people because the “terrorist are hiding in schools and amongst the civilian population.” It is absurd and a crime under international law; to drop bombs on innocent people on the hope of killing terrorists (and it unfortunately one in a long list of war crimes Israel has committed). Perhaps the Israeli Minister’s have read Hitler’s famous Mein Kampf and are taking a leaf out of his book? Why they are allowed to get away with such inhumane war crimes is beyond me. I mean I’m not including all Jews in my condemnation of what has going on; I am lobbying against the Zionist Jews that presently control Israel and think that it is valid to bomb innocent people. However I am also, rightly, going to put the deaths of innocent Palestinians on the citizens of Israel because of their complete feigned ignorance and maintained silence to the atrocities occurring on their doorstep and also if the Zionists did not have any support in the form of inhabitants, then their would be no justification to their crimes. If the citizens of Israel broke their silence and publicly protested against their Zionist government and condemned them for the injustice they have treated the Palestinian’s with, which morally is the right thing to do, then they could live in Israel more peacefully and perhaps in a later date work towards co-existing with the Palestinian’s.

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